The IEC Electricity Program with NextEra Energy Services provides you with flexible product options.

With years of experience, the IEC makes pricing, supply, and timing decisions on behalf of all participants, with the support and market expertise of NextEra Energy Services.

All products share these same advantages:

  • IEC customers are given the highest level of transparency into the cost components that make up the electric supply charges.  Participants on a given product are pooled together for pricing and hedging synergies.
  • Utility delivery charges are included on your bill, leaving you with less paperwork to manage
  • IEC products give you the opportunity to manage the largest and most volatile component of your supply costs…ENERGY
  • The cost of energy makes up ~65% of the total supply charges 

PRODUCT—Fixed Energy Price

  • Pay a fixed price for 100% of the energy portion of your supply
    • Throughout the year, NextEra Energy Services provides the IEC with ongoing price quotes and market trends
    • When market conditions are optimal, the IEC locks in an energy price to cover all of your accounts’ expected usage
    • You have the option to choose your desired term
    • All non-energy components are passed through at cost, with no markup!
  • Benefits of Fixed Energy Price Product
    • Price certainty: Eliminate your risk exposure to energy price volatility so you can develop annual budgets with high predictability
    • Convenience: The IEC works for you to research the market details and options so you can lock in your contract price and get back to focusing on your core business… education
    • Simplicity: An easy-to-understand product structure

PRODUCT—Managed Price

  • Layered percentages of energy are purchased at varying fixed prices when market trends are optimal
    • NextEra Energy Services reviews market trends and provides periodic price quotes to the IEC
    • The IEC locks in a fixed price for a portion of your expected load incrementally over time
    • Pay the actual hourly market price for the portion of your electricity not covered by fixed-price purchases
    • All non-energy components are passed through at cost, with no markup!
  • Benefits of Managed Price Product
    • Price diversity: This approach layers in fixed-price energy purchases at varying intervals to take advantage of market fluctuations (Dollar cost averaging strategy)
    • Product diversity: Portfolio approach combines fixed-price and market-price products
    • Convenience: Let the IEC manage your hedging strategy


  • If your district’s cumulative annual electric consumption is greater than 5,000 MWh, you have the option to utilize the managed program above but execute your own hedging strategy by triggering a set portion of load over the term of the contract
  • We can customize the product and approach to fit your district’s needs

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