Partnering with NextEra Energy Services allows your customers to take advantage of energy choice. With a range of industry-leading products and services, your customers will achieve better budget predictability and may realize savings for their energy supply. Whether they are looking for tools and services to help manage their energy spend, or their supply needs indicate a fixed or index priced (market-based) approach, as a part of the NextEra Energy Services Channel Partner Program* you’ll receive a solution that fits your customer’s needs.

  • Step 1 - Complete the Channel Partner Registration form.
  • Step 2 - If accepted, a NextEra Energy Services Channel Partner Representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and the process to execute a formal agreement with NextEra Energy Services.
  • Step 3 - Complete the channel partner onboarding program that is conveniently onsite at your facility or online.
  • Step 4 - Begin offering NextEra Energy Services products and services to your clients.       

*Channel Partner Program approval is at NextEra Energy Services' discretion and is dependent upon passing verification for financial stability, business longevity, expertise and other requirements.