Every business buys power from the electricity grid. And under the right conditions, some businesses can be paid to reduce consumption during periods of peak electricity usage on the grid. This is known as demand response – and it can help businesses and facilities like yours offset your combined energy costs. At NextEra Energy Services, we work with you to develop an energy strategy that allows your business or facility to participate in demand response markets while avoiding certain utility costs.

How we can help

We know that every customer’s situation is unique, and that some demand response programs require a faster response or a response of longer duration than others. That’s why we offer a variety of options, including Emergency Response Service, 4 Coincident Peak Curtailment, and Real-Time Price Response.

How it works

During certain peak periods and events, NextEra Energy Services dispatches demand response events to customers – who, in turn, respond according to their strategies. Based on their history of power consumption, they are paid for the power they did not consume during the designated period or event, thereby allowing their expected demand to be re-absorbed by the grid.

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