Want to optimize your energy spend?



Integrated Efficiency is designed to help you use less

If you're focused solely on finding a great electricity rate, you're maybe overlooking another factor that's just as significant in reducing cost - it's the amount of electricity you use.

With the Integrated Efficiency program offered by NextEra Energy Services, we'll help you identify the areas where you could be reducing usage right now. The result? Increased energy conservation and sustainability, all designed to help you decrease your electricity spend.

Integrated Efficiency - How It Works:

  • Work with our in-house engineers to develop a personalized conservation plan that takes into account your energy needs and goals.
  • Enroll in an electricity contract for a standard price product with NextEra Energy Services.
  • Implement a suitable solution for your facility and working environment.
  • Make simple monthly payments on your energy bill while enjoying the full benefit of your upgrades.


  • No initial cash outlay*
  • Designed to decrease electricity usage
  • Avoid maintenance interruptions
  • One provider and invoice for electricity and projects
  • Potential tax benefits
  • No penalty for early payoff

Call 855-639-8158 or email solutions@nexteraenergyservices.com for more information and to schedule a free assessment.

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*Customers are subject to credit approval

NextEra Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Services Holdings LLC and NextEra Energy. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within NextEra Energy Services companies service territories are conducted by NextEra Energy Solutions.