Site monitoring allows businesses to manage and control energy consumption in real-time.

Our solutions are designed to provide visibility into how your facility is using electricity and spot trends. NextEra Energy Solutions provides feedback on operating practices, power factor and early warnings of anomalistic consumption that are caused by equipment malfunctions or unwanted user behaviors.

Site monitoring takes demand response to the next level by delivering a full understanding of a building.


Here are some additional benefits of site monitoring:

  • Alarms owners/facility staff on any out of tolerance electrical issue.
  • Provides a visualization of energy consumption trends.
  • Pinpoints specific areas of energy wasted.
  • Demonstrates how changes to relevant driving factors such as HVAC equipment, weather, occupancy available, etc. impact energy efficiency.
  • Provides ability to develop performance targets for energy management programs.
  • Allows owners/facility staff to manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost.
  • Provides a means to easily know how much electricity tenants are using and thus aide in billing to tenants.

NextEra Energy Solutions offers turn-key installation, where we engineer the solution and manage the configuration, using hardware that is installed at the breaker level. This hardware can be configured to monitor power in real time at the device level using existing LAN or a cellular connection. We can also interface with existing sub-metering technology or building management system.

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