Find out how we can help you optimize energy consumption for your business.

NextEra Energy Services is committed to meeting the specific needs of multiple industries. We’ll develop an all-encompassing strategy that can help you cut your energy usage to reduce overall operating costs and improve reliability.



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    Commercial Real Estate

    Whether your portfolio is spread out across states or you’re buying and selling, we can help you put together an energy strategy that delivers.

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  • Plate of food


    Keep your patrons happy while saving money on energy costs. We offer a variety of services and electricity plans to meet your restaurant’s needs.

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    Guest satisfaction is your top priority. You need to balance energy cost savings with guest comfort. We offer solutions that can help you achieve both.

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  • Ceiling of government building


    Your constituents rely on you to manage costs. By partnering with us, we’ll work together to maximize energy savings while minimizing budget risk.

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  • Students in cap and gown


    Your school is a place of growth and community. Creating vibrant learning environments while managing tight budgets can be challenging. Let us help.

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  • Retail location


    As a retail business owner you wear a lot of hats and your time is limited. We’ll take the hassle and guesswork out of energy buying so you can stay focused on serving your customers.

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  • Front of a hospital building


    As a hospital facility manager, your time and attention is limited. Leverage our analytical tools and comprehensive energy solutions to maximize your organization’s savings.

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  • Data center


    The technology industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, and it can be difficult to keep energy costs in check. Find out how we can ensure your budget remains stable.

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  • Industrial worker


    Manufacturing processes are energy intensive but you can find savings. And with energy savings comes higher margins, equipment upgrades, and more.

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