NextEra Energy Services understands the variety of challenges that can affect your business. With a focus on market intelligence and supplemental energy solutions that support a smart, forward-looking energy management strategy, we offer plans to fit your needs. Regardless of your business' size, risk tolerance or financial situation, we work with you to develop a plan that delivers results.

Fixed Price 

Our fixed price solutions give businesses the ability to secure a set price during a designated contract term. Fixed price is a common buying option for businesses seeking budget certainty. Learn More >

Block and Index 

This customized energy management strategy incorporates stability and flexibility. Here, you fix a portion of energy usage during peak hours of operations and any energy used above or below block volumes settle on an Index product. Learn More >

Market Energy Index

With our index price option, businesses pay the varying market price of electricity for each given hour. This hourly fluctuation provides businesses with the flexibility to adjust usage to take advantage of market dips. Learn More >