Signing up with NextEra Energy Services is easy!



Grab a bill and find your account number

1. If you do not currently have electricity service, contact your utility to set up an account right away.


Blue Service Location Icon

Tell us where you need service

2. Enter a city or zip code to find plans in your area. If you provide a full address, we will ensure that we find the exact plans that are available in your area.


Blue personal identification icon

Provide your information

3. You will be asked to provide basic personal information (name, email, date of birth). Depending on your location, you may also be asked to establish creditworthiness by either allowing us to perform a credit check or paying a refundable deposit.


Blue thumbs up icon indicating you are done

You are done! Welcome to NextEra Energy!

4. You will receive your contract documents by email. NextEra Energy Services will become your supplier within 1-2 biling cycles. You will to continue to receive a bill from your utility company, but look for our name in the Energy Supply section of your bill.

If you would like to complete your enrollment in Spanish, please call us at 866-329-4392. Our agents are ready to assist you between 7 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am and 2 pm on Saturday.