Find out how to choose
the best retail electricity supplier for you.

At NextEra Energy, we are always looking for ways to provide you with the best possible plans for affordable electricity, because we know you have a choice.

The Power To Choose


Electric Choice has brought the ability to choose a competitive supplier in many states. You may be able to lower your electricity rate and save money, find suppliers that support renewable energy resources or receive special rewards or incentives. Think about what is most important to you, and be sure to ask a lot of questions before making a choice.

Your electricity supplier should be licensed by your state’s Public Utility Commission. You will also want to find out the "price to compare" (the price per kilowatt hour your electric distribution company will charge), the length and terms of your agreement and whether there are any fees or penalties for switching suppliers.

When to Choose a Supplier

To make the switch to a supplier like NextEra Energy Services, all you need to do is call or sign up through the supplier's website. Your new supplier will notify your electric utility of the change. The utility will then contact you by mail to make sure you selected this company to be your electricity supplier.

How to Shop for Electricity

  1. Review your current electricity bill to understand how much you pay.
  2. Contact competitive suppliers in your area. You can do this online or by calling the supplier. Competitive offers may not be available in all areas.
  3. Find suppliers for your home.
  4. Find suppliers for your business.

Understanding Contracts and Terms

In addition to pricing information, you will also want to find out important information about the contract and terms of the agreement with your supplier. Some electricity suppliers offer plans with no minimum contract period, while others may offer plans with a minimum term, which may be several years. Be sure to ask competitive suppliers about the contract terms and whether there is a penalty if you cancel before the contract period ends.

More Questions to Ask Suppliers

  • What is the price per kilowatt hour (kWh)? Is the price fixed or does it depend on time of day or usage?
  • Are all taxes included in the supplier's price?
  • What is the length of the agreement? Can your price change in that time? If so, when can it change, and how will you be notified?
  • Is there a cancellation fee or any penalty for switching suppliers? 
  • Tip: NextEra Energy Services does not charge a fee for switching to us.
  • Does the supplier offer a choice of energy sources, such as renewable energy?
  • Tip: NextEra Energy services offers renewable energy plans.
  • Will you receive one bill or two?
  • Does the supplier offer a budget billing plan?

Fixed vs. Variable Prices

You will also want to find out if an electricity supplier offers fixed or variable electric prices and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. NextEra Energy Services offers you the ability to choose from a variety of plans to suit your needs. 

A fixed-rate will remain the same, usually for a set period of time. This will give you certainty that your price will not change during the term of the agreement; however, if market prices fall you may have to wait until your contract expires to get a lower price.

A variable rate can change by the hour, day, month, etc. With this option you can save money if market prices decrease, but may have to pay more if rates go up.

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