Commercial HVAC units on desktop. Over 30%* of a typical commercial building’s electricity use is consumed by Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. These systems often provide the largest potential source of money wasted (and carbon produced) using inefficient systems and controls. HVAC systems often provide one of the highest returns on investments (and carbon reduction) when energy efficiency enhancements are made to them.

NextEra Energy Solutions provides holistic, comprehensive energy and system analysis to identify specific problems and deliver an energy efficient solution with tailored products and installation. The ability to customize our analysis and recommendations is valuable in an industry that tends toward “one size fits all” solutions.

3 Ways to Reduce Heating and Air Conditioning Spend by 10–15%

  1. System Tune-Up- We take your existing equipment and bring it up to peak performance.
  2. System Control- We replace any obsolete controls to increase functionality, allowing the system to respond to external factors, such as building occupancy or weather conditions.
  3. System Replacement- We replace aged equipment with high-efficiency, properly sized equipment to improve performance and increase occupant comfort.

We are an energy optimization company. We don’t manufacture HVAC controls or equipment, which allows us to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our knowledge of energy use patterns and our experienced engineering staff provide a streamlined approach to understanding HVAC energy saving opportunities and carbon reduction potential.

Our family of companies has experience working with all ranges of systems, from mission critical systems and major international airports, to single roof-top units. Our experience is based in system operation rather than simply design and construction. The key to HVAC energy savings comes from the ability to operate a system in the long term.

Customer Success Story

The Forney Independent School District is saving $6.8 million in energy costs with HVAC, lighting and building system upgrades.


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Sustainability Planning

Today’s commercial energy and sustainability strategies must include deeper insight. Our high-powered analytics tool can reveal cost-effective energy solutions for your organization.




Lighting Upgrades

We design turn-key solutions to replace current lighting systems with energy efficient lamps that can reduce electricity for lighting consumption by 50% indoors and 70% outdoors.


Integrated Efficiency®

Reduce energy costs when you bundle energy procurement and efficiency projects together. We’ll help you secure a low supply rate and manage your project from start to finish.



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