In today’s business climate, sustainability and competitive advantage are closely linked. Investors and executives are realizing that a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns is no longer just about compliance, it’s good for business. Having a solid corporate sustainability strategy and ESG ranking is now correlating to higher financial returns and lower downside risk.

As part of NextEra Energy Resources, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from wind and sun and a leader in battery storage, NextEra Energy Services provides sustainability plans and solutions to meet the evolving energy, budget and ESG reporting needs of your organization. 


Sustainability Planning

Align your organization around a holistic vision, set clear goals and track ESG metrics with our advanced analytic capabilities and renewable energy expertise.

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Whether you’re considering onsite, offsite or community solar, we can help guide you through the options and find the solution that best meets your business objectives.

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You depend on a stable flow of power to operate your organization’s critical systems. Our team of experts can help you develop energy solutions to meet your reliability needs.

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Renewable Energy Credits

RECs can be purchased as part of your organization’s sustainability strategy to reduce the environmental impact of your electricity usage.

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Onsite Solar

Onsite solar can help your organization reduce reliance on the grid, provide budget stability and showcase environmental leadership among customers and industry peers. 

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Fleet Electrification

Fleet leaders now have more options for carbon reduction. Meet eIQ Mobility, a member of the NextEra Energy family of companies, and leading provider of fleet electrification feasibility advisory services in North America.

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We plan to become the preferred U.S. partner for renewable energy infrastructure solutions of Fortune 1000 customers that are trying to achieve their own sustainability goals.

John Ketchum, Chairman, President, & CEO | NextEra Energy Inc., 2022 ESG Report


ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within NextEra Energy Services companies’ service territories are conducted by NextEra Energy Solutions LLC. NextEra Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Services Holdings LLC and NextEra Energy.