With the increase in renewable energy availability and desire from organizations to integrate those technologies into their energy strategy, energy reliability and resiliency considerations are coming into play more and more.

NextEra Energy Services, as part of NextEra Energy Resources, is a leader in battery storage and renewable energy. We has the expertise and technology to assist your company in improving your energy strategy’s reliability and resilience. 

Backup Generation

Backup generation is a pivotal part of a business resiliency plan. Talk to NextEra Energy Services about how you can prepare your business.

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Battery Storage

Increase reliability and address peaking power needs within your organization’s energy strategy through commercial battery storage technology.

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Energy Optimization

From facility equipment upgrades to renewable assets, battery storage to electricity supply; only when there’s a strategy in place can cost, risk and sustainability goals be optimized.

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Remove the risk of business disruptions.

Energy Technologies for a Proactive Reliability Strategy.