Large-scale offsite solar fieldWhen onsite solar installation is not feasible for your commercial property, due to physical space limitations, building or land ownership restrictions, or financial constraints, offsite solar energy may be the right solution. Your organization can benefit from solar energy that is generated by a large-scale commercial solar installation located in your region, but not on your property.

Offsite Solar Solutions

Offsite solar energy can help your organization reduce electricity costs and meet sustainability goals by utilizing the renewable energy produced by the commercial solar structure in your region. Some regions offer community solar programs which provide additional financial rewards in the form of Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs). These offsite solar programs are typically structured in one of two ways.

  1. Electricity from the grid: The power generated from the solar panels is directly fed into your facility to offset your electricity consumption from the grid.
  2. Monthly utility bill credit: The power is fed into the grid and your business receives a utility bill credit for the power generated.

The Benefits of Offsite Solar Energy

  • Owned and operated elsewhere: Offsite solar systems are owned and operated by a developer who sells energy to subscribers at a fixed rate–often at a lower than market value–or via utility bill credits.
  • Free from structural limitations: The size and structure of the solar system you utilize is not limited by your physical site specifications. You can leverage solar energy that is generated outside of your property lines.
  • Solar energy for multiple sites: Unlike onsite solar which only allows a single location to benefit from solar energy, offsite solar can yield savings benefits for multiple locations.
  • Demonstrate ESG oversite: Participating in solar energy programs demonstrates your organization’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) which can positively impact the perceptions of a broad group of stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, and suppliers.

A Proven Record of Success.

We have the resources, skills and expertise to help customers achieve business and sustainability goals.


Offsite Solar Strategy and Execution

We will work with your organization to understand your goals and objectives and help determine if an offsite solar program makes sense for your organization. NextEra Energy Services will provide:

  • Feasibility assessment: We assess the feasibility of various solar options and other renewable energy options to determine whether becoming a subscriber of community solar makes sense as a part of your energy strategy.
  • Solar impact analysis: We will provide an Impact Analysis Report comparing past usage to future state with your new solar energy system.
  • Cash flow analysis: We will provide a Cash Flow Analysis Report showing the impact of solar energy on your organization’s bottom line.
  • Site evaluation: We will assess your property and analyze the viability of an onsite solar versus offsite project to determine the most ideal solution for your organization.
  • Offsite system evaluation: We will research the marketplace for offsite solar projects in your region, obtain quotes and present you with the most viable options.

Our Expertise

Whether you select an onsite, offsite or community solar program, or you choose to leverage our Retail + Renewables Program, NextEra Energy Services can help you find the solution that achieves your financial, operational and sustainability goals. Your organization’s commitment to renewable energy can play a significant role in meeting certain ESG criteria. A company’s ESG ranking can represent its risks and opportunities profile, influence its access to capital, and demonstrate its ability to create long-term value.

As part of the NextEra Energy family of companies, the largest producer of solar and wind energy in the world, NextEra Energy Services is uniquely positioned to bring you expertise in solar economics, regulations, operations and technology.

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