Now more than ever, companies are leveraging renewable energy as a central element to their overall corporate energy strategy. Onsite solar energy can help businesses lower electricity costs, reduce reliance on the grid, provide budget stability and showcase environmental leadership among customers and industry peers. 

How Commercial Onsite Solar Works

NES Commercial rooftop solar diagramCommercial solar is installed on company-owned rooftops, ground-mounted on land, or erected as canopies over property or parking lots. With the solar panels in place, energy from the sun is turned into direct current (DC) via the panels and converted into alternating current (AC) through an inverter. The meter measures the inflow and outflow of energy from the grid and the utility grid sends electricity back to the facility as needed.

The Benefits of Onsite Solar Energy 

  • Reduce energy costs 
    Clean, renewable, solar energy reduces electricity and overall operational costs while providing energy independence and budget certainty.  

  • Reallocate and reinvest 
    By saving on electricity and overall operational costs, you’ll free up financial resources that can be allocated into other areas of your business.   

  • Generate revenue and RECs 
    Renewable electricity generators produce two distinct market commodities: electricity and renewable energy credits (RECs). These commodities can be used and/or sold separately or together. RECs embody the environmental attributes of the underlying electricity generated from a renewable energy source. We can help you determine the most advantageous strategy for your onsite solar system.  

  • Demonstrate ESG oversite 
    Demonstrating your organization’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts can positively influence the perceptions of a broad group of stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, and suppliers. 

A Proven Record of Success.

We have the resources, skills and expertise to help customers achieve business and sustainability goals.


Onsite Solar Strategy and Execution 

We will work with you to understand your goals and objectives and determine if onsite solar installation is the right solution for your commercial organization. NextEra Energy Services will provide:  

  • Site evaluation: A full evaluation of your property is conducted to determine optimal design and solar panel placement. 

  • Feasibility assessment: We assess the feasibility of onsite solar, and other renewable energy options and provide recommendations on how to best achieve your desired results. 

  • Solar impact analysis: We’ll provide an Impact Analysis Report showing past energy usage and a Savings Analysis Report showing the impact that solar energy on your organization’s bottom line. 

  • Engineering, construction and procurement: We will optimize and specify the design, layout and materials/equipment used for your solar energy project installation. 

Our Expertise

Whether you select an onsite, offsite or community solar program, or you choose to leverage our Retail + Renewables Program, NextEra Energy Services can help you find the solution that achieves your financial, operational and sustainability goals. Your organization’s commitment to renewable energy can play a significant role in meeting certain ESG criteria. A company’s ESG ranking can represent its risks and opportunities profile, influence its access to capital, and demonstrate its ability to create long-term value.

As part of the NextEra Energy family of companies, the largest producer of solar and wind energy in the world, NextEra Energy Services is uniquely positioned to bring you expertise in solar economics, regulations, operations and technology.

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Offsite Solar

When onsite solar isn’t an option for your organization due to the physical space available, offsite solar can be an excellent alternative for achieving your sustainability goals.


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State and federal community solar programs can help organizations save money, meet sustainability goals, and earn Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs).


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Our R+R Program enables your organization to leverage the benefits of renewable assets (solar, wind and battery) and easily incorporate them into your retail energy contract.


NextEra Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Services Holdings LLC and NextEra Energy. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within NextEra Energy Services companies service territories are conducted by NextEra Energy Solutions.