As our economy changes, so do the requirements directly impacting how businesses purchase and incorporate renewable energy. Many businesses working toward sustainability goals may find themselves struggling with either costly investment options, confusing energy mix solutions, or difficulty incorporating renewable energy into their current retail supply contract.

NextEra Energy Services' Retail + Renewables (R+R) product provides the simplicity of a traditional energy supply contract inclusive of renewable energy purchasing options, less the risk of onsite installation or significant investment.

Why You Should Consider R+R

Time is of the essence. Whether it’s regulatory or shareholder-related, your organization may need to meet very specific renewable energy goals by a certain date. Even with existing renewable assets, your current supply mix may not meet your demands, and may require additional assets to help offset the balance. In addition, as more and more businesses feel the pressure to establish their own sustainability objectives and timeframes, limited project availability can result in businesses vying and competing for the same renewable assets.


 R+R Snapshot

R+R Program Benefits

  • - Additionality - Your organization will be directly supporting the development of a new renewable energy generation facility.
  • - Specificity - Unlike offsite RECs, our R+R program provides asset-specific RECs directly tied to known locations and facilities.
  • - Inclusivity - Gain access to renewable energy projects and physical volumes without the risk of costly investments or capital outlay.
  • - Sustainability - Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
  • - Simplicity - No need for added complexities. R+R provides the simplicity of a traditional supply contract, and the added benefit of incorporating renewable assets.


How R+R Works

icon_Sustainability.svg  1. Sustainability goals are defined by your company

icon_binoculars.svg 2. NextEra Energy Services assesses renewable projects available

NextEra Energy Services Onsite Solar icon  3. We provide the best clean energy options to meet your goals

icon_Procurement.svg 4. You sit back and let us procure the renewable energy on your behalf

 5. We incorporate the renewable energy supply into a traditional retail supply contract

icon_Report.svg  6. Via your bill, proudly demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and clean energy*

The R+R program is a sophisticated solution — simplified for businesses with complex energy needs. As part of the NextEra Energy family, the world’s largest generator of wind and solar energy, we have the unique ability to structure and execute an R+R program tailored to you. Partner with a leader that can help you overcome any energy challenge and help you succeed in sustainability.


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Explore More Energy Options

NextEra Energy Services Offsite Solar icon

Offsite Solar

When onsite solar isn’t an option for your organization due to the physical space available, offsite solar can be an excellent alternative for achieving your sustainability goals.


Onsite Solar

Commercial solar systems can be installed on company-owned rooftops, ground-mounted land, or erected as canopies over property or parking lots.


NextEra Energy Services Community Solar icon

Community Solar

State and federal community solar programs can help organizations save money, meet sustainability goals, and earn Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs).


*Subject to contract terms. Final product structure determines the renewable energy claims that are supported; consult your legal advisor.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within NextEra Energy Services companies service territories are conducted by NextEra Energy Solutions. NextEra Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Services Holdings LLC and NextEra Energy.