Wind energy is an efficient, safe way to produce energy in an environmentally sustainable way. In recent years, wind energy generation and technology has grown. Now many businesses, farms, schools and municipalities have incorporated wind generated energy into their renewable energy strategy.

How commercial wind energy works

Wind turbines capture the wind’s energy with propeller-like blades. When the wind blows, the blades spin and cause the generator within the shaft to produce electricity. Once approved for construction, wind farms can be built quickly in comparison to other types of power generation, and wind turbines do not require fuel for operation.

The Benefits of Commercial Wind Energy

  • Cost-effective: Wind energy is one of the most economical sources of electricity. There is little cost volatility compared with fossil fuels since the fuel is free and technological improvements in turbines drive costs down.
  • Clean energy: Wind energy doesn’t create any greenhouse gases or other air pollutants, nor does it use water in its generation process.
  • Sustainable and good for business: Wind turbines have a very low carbon footprint and no hazardous cleanup once the project is complete. Clean wind energy can complement any corporate sustainability strategy. 

We Know Wind Energy.

 NextEra Energy Resources is the world’s largest generator of clean, renewable wind energy.


Our Expertise

As a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, NextEra Energy Services can help you find the wind energy solution that achieves your sustainability goals and integrates with your overall energy optimization strategy. Your organization’s commitment to renewable energy can play a significant role in meeting certain Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. A company’s ESG ranking can represent its risks and opportunities profile, influence its access to capital, and demonstrate its ability to create long-term value.  


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Explore More Energy Options

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Offsite Solar

When onsite solar isn’t an option for your organization due to the physical space available, offsite solar can be an excellent alternative for achieving your sustainability goals.


Onsite Solar

Commercial solar systems can be installed on company-owned rooftops, ground-mounted land, or erected as canopies over property or parking lots.


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Community Solar

State and federal community solar programs can help organizations save money, meet sustainability goals, and earn Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs).


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