Commercial Variable Price and Terms

We disclose the current and prior variable prices by state, as required by law.

Small commercial customers: You may view the current and historic variable price for the following states using the applicable link: Connecticut,  Delaware, MaineNew HampshireOhio and  Pennsylvania.

Large commercial customers:  Please call us at 877-528-2890 to obtain current and historic variable prices.

Residential Monthly Variable Price History and Terms

If you are a NextEra Energy Services residential customer and the initial term specified in your Terms of Service has expired and thus, pursuant to your Terms of Service, you are to receive service on a month-to-month basis at a market or other price, then such market or other price, and any periodic per meter charge provided in your Terms of Service which is subject to change after the expiration of the initial term, shall be as set forth below. The information below is also applicable for residential customers who initiated service on a NextEra Flex plan, a NextEra Miles Flex plan, or a NextEra Miles Flex Plus plan, as all are month to month price products without a term contract and subject to the same terms as an expired term process.  For this purpose, such market or other price (including the phrase “Variable Price” if used in your Terms of Service) shall be referred to below as the “Monthly Variable Price”. The Monthly Variable Price is subject to change from time to time as determined by NextEra Energy Services in its sole discretion.

View the current Monthly Variable Price History for PennsylvaniaDelaware and New Hampshire.

Environmental Disclosures

Under law in some of the states where we operate, NextEra Energy Services must disclose the electric generation sources behind our products. This information is available below for each state (or local electric utliity area), and in some cases for standard or 100% Wind products.

View our Environmental Disclosure Labels for Connecticut, Delaware (Standard), Illinois, Maine (BHE or CMP customers), Maryland (Standard), MassachusettsNew HampshireNew JerseyNew York, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Standard), Rhode Island and Washington DC (Standard).